This site
Provides genealogy information relative to a North Carolina McLendon family. It is anticipated that this information will be of some value for those researching McLendon, Goodson, Altman and Tillotson family history.

Our Parents
Doris Tillotson McLendon and James Raymond McLendon.

Our parents both grew up in South Carolina, met, married and brought up our family in Wilson, North Carolina. Pop, worked at Hackney Brothers Body Works (now out of busi-ness) and Mom worked mostly as a housewife raising 5 sons. Mom loved playing golf and bridge.

Amateur Radio is a great hobby for the web site author, licensed as KE4U.

Mom’s brother, Colonel B.E. Tillotson recalls his military career and WWII experiences in a fascinating interview on the media page.

Here is a gallery of photographs in and about the state.

I played the Great Highland Bagpipe with the North Carolina State University Pipes and Drum Corps. So, if you like bagpipe music, here is the media page where you can hear my performance of "The Haunting".

more to come!

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